Ethics Board


ARBPA has a detailed Code of Ethics which clearly outlines the duties and responsibilities that a Radix Body Centered Psychotherapist has towards her/his client. It details the kinds of professional behaviours that are required and acceptable.

They include such things as:

Honesty, keeping agreements and commitments

Refraining from practicing under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or intoxicants

Appropriate conduct at all times

Keeping clients fully informed about possible risks of therapy

Expected conduct and practice if sessions need to be terminated

Transparency and honesty in relation to qualifications

Upholding the highest standards regarding Human Rights

There are also clear guidelines about confidentiality as well as its limits and how this can be maintained in individual sessions, in groups and in workshops.

This code also outlines the expectations that Radix Practitioners have towards their profession and their colleagues. It includes requirements for continuing professional development and provides a list of duties relating to independence and impartiality.

The Code of Ethics provides a clear Ethics Complaints procedure. ARBPA has an Ethics Committee which consists of two members of ARBPA elected by members at the AGM for a term of three years.


Click here for ARBPA Ethics PDF

Click here for ARBPA Code of Good Governance PDF

Click here for ARBPA Professional Conduct and Complaints Procedures PDF


To contact the Ethics board please email: