What Is The Radix Association?


Australian Radix Body Centered Psychotherapy Association (ARBPA) strives to be a vibrant and alive organisation that promotes the professional development of the knowledge and practice of Radix.

Members of the organisation are committed to bringing life and energy into their professional lives and the lives of the broader community.




The Australian Radix Body Centered Psychotherapy Association (ARBPA) is a humanistic, somatically-oriented organization. The word "Radix" is a Latin word meaning "root" or "source", and is used by a variety of institutions and companies in engineering, mathematics, music, etc. ARBPA uses the word to refer to the fundamental energy that unites body, mind and spirit, and have copyrighted its use in the United States, Canada and Australia in a personal growth context.

The theories, practices and publications of ARBPA have nothing in common with, and are in fact antithetically opposed to, the racist, anti-semitic and bigoted viewpoints and publications of some people who unfortunately, have appropriated and currently use the word radix.