A Radix Session


Radix is process oriented, which means that the practitioner starts from what is happening for the client at that moment and facilitates an unfolding of discovery from this. The client may come to an appointment with a particular issue or wanting to get more understanding about something. Clients may attend because of their feelings or something that is occurring in their body. There is no special way to get started; nothing you have to know about yourself to begin. With the use of talking, movement, posture, breath, sound, vision and touch in all sorts of combinations, the client is guided through a process that aims to give insight, self discovery and resolution, through facilitating the flow of the life force or radix. The therapist is constantly tracking the interrelationship between what the client is talking about, their emotional expression and what is occurring in their body. Each session has many possibilities.

For example, when a client starts talking of an issue, while listening the therapist will be observing what is taking place in the body. The therapist may notice that the client spaces out in their eyes. With an attitude of openness and curiosity, the therapist may point this out. This may lead to an exploration of how the person disconnects, whether they are aware of it and what the benefits have been. Childhood issues could then become the focus of the session. Alternatively, the client may be encouraged to feel just how they use their eyes and perhaps how they use their breathing pattern support this expression in their eyes. Further vision work might then assist them to connect with present emotions or lead them into feelings connected with their childhood, or it might simply assist them to be present and empowered in the moment.

Simply being aware of these connections, can provide material to work on for the whole session or for several sessions.