Who Are The Trainers?


Narelle McKenzie and Anthea Fraser are the current full time members of the Training Faculty.

Jacquie Cliff is the current Trainee Trainer.


Narelle is the Director and Senior Trainer of the Australian Radix Training Centre. She completed her training with the Radix Institute, USA, in 1982 and established a private psychology and psychotherapy practice in Adelaide, Australia.  In 1987, along with Jacqui Showell, she was invited by the Radix Institute, USA to become a trainer. After completing her trainer training she and Jacqui established the Australian Radix Training Centre.

Narelle is a registered psychologist with thirty years experience working in private practice with adults, adolescents, families, couples and groups. She has a Masters degree in developmental psychology and extensive experience and training in psychology and psychotherapy. As part of her consultancy, Narelle has led experiential and training workshops throughout Australia and in the USA and has taught courses in these areas at undergraduate and graduate level at universities in Australia. She is a member of the USA Radix training faculty. In her private practice and training, Narelle draws from a wide range of personal work and professional training in psychotherapy. 


Director of Training

Narelle McKenzie

Ph: 0408809357

Email: narellemckenzie@internode.on.net


Anthea is a Trainer with the Australian Radix Training Centre. She is a Clinical Social Worker with 30 years experience in the fields of mental health, community health, relationships and family work. She a highly experienced counsellor, psychotherapist and group worker. Anthea has facilitated numerous personal growth and issue based groups along with Radix residential workshops and relationship building workshops. She is an experienced supervisor of allied health professionals and students. Anthea has been working in private practice for over 15 years. She was certified as a Radix practitioner in 1997 and has been involved in the Radix Training Program for 6 years. Anthea is also a qualified Imago Relationship Therapist.

As trainers and supervisors with complimentary areas of speciality and competence, Anthea and Narelle bring a true balance and synthesis of the body/mind to the Radix programme.



Anthea Fraser

Ph: 08 0398 3102

Email: mailto:antheaf@internode.on.net

Jacquies Studio-38.jpg

Jacquie is a trainee trainer with the Australian Radix Training Centre. She completed her training in Radix Body Centered Psychotherapy in 2010. Jacquie is a counsellor, psychotherapist and group worker who has been in private practice in the Adelaide Hills for the past 8 years. She is also a qualified Imago Relationship therapist and masseur with over 15 years experience in various massage modalities.


Trainee Trainer

Jacquie Cliff

Ph: 0447044180

Email: info@jacquiecliffradix.com.au