Radix Reading Program


The Radix Online Reading Program is a 9 month reading program for anyone interested in learning more about the theory of Radix, considering entering the training program in the future, or invested in their own personal growth journey.

Each month participants receive a collection of readings to work through, followed by an online discussion group where they will have the opportunity to share their understanding and insights, deepen their connection to the month’s readings, and ask questions. These discussions will be facilitated by a certified Radix practitioner. e readings will build on each other progressively and will serve to give the reader an overview of the theory and application of Radix therapy and personal growth work.

Fees: $60 per month

Payment of 1st and last month prior to commencement, following payments are made monthly prior to receiving monthly reading materials.

To enquire about the next program contact:

Jacquie Cliff

M. 0447 044 180

E. info@jacquiecliffradix.com.au



Radix Reading Program Testimonials




The RADIX reading programme has provided me with an excellent overview of what RADIX is and where it fits within the field of somatic analytical psychotherapy. I learned the origins of RADIX and its similarities and differences to other hands-on methods and practices. Particularly, I gained an appreciation of what makes RADIX effective. The study texts were taken from a wide variety of sources, which meant thought-provoking reading, and the group online discussions were well facilitated and informative. I’d recommend anyone who’s interested to know more about the inseparable relationship that psychology has to the body to enrol in the RADIX reading programme. It’s excellent and offers great value for money.



I've been participating in the Radix Reading Programme facilitated by Jacquie. The readings, together with the discussions led by Jacquie, have helped deepen my understanding of Radix history, principles, and practice. Jacquie's gentle style and extensive knowledge in bodywork have made this a very worthwhile and stimulating experience.