Who Benefits From Radix?


In it’s early beginnings Radix was viewed as personal growth work and facilitated self discovery, growth and change. As more and more people struggle with emotional and physical symptoms connected with their psychological well being, Radix becomes a leader in its approach to these issues. For example: anxiety and panic, depression, disordered eating, stress related physical problems, addictions, sexual issues, symptoms of abuse, post traumatic stress disorder, etc. The significance of Radix is that it works directly at all three levels; the emotional, physical and mental.

All of our living is a body, mind and spirit process, and it is this unity that Radix addresses. Consequently it benefits anyone whose aim is to explore, understand or develop any aspect of their being.

Radix work facilitates an opening up to the life force, and the experience of becoming more 'fully alive' in each moment of life.

Because Radix works with the body, mind and spirit - or the 'body-mind', it is a personal growth process for people who struggle with any of these areas. People may begin Radix simply to feel more alive, to live more in the present, to own their personal power, to make decisions that work for them by using head and heart together, to change old psychological habits or as a process of self discovery.

Clients may have struggles with emotional expression. They may not be in touch with their feelings and/or not know how to express them. Others may feel totally overwhelmed by strong emotions, struggling to contain them to be able to function in day-to-day life.

Many come to a radix psychotherapist in order to address specific symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, relationship struggles, addictions, abuse, trauma or dissociation.

Some clients may start out with radix work for a psychological reason and experience physical changes they were not expecting. For example someone may be mainly interested in dealing with repressed feelings and as they go on with the work find that their posture or chronic backache has changed dramatically, or their allergies or blood pressure decreases. During their radix work, clients experience concurrent improvements in aspects of their life without specifically focussing on those areas.

Radix is process oriented. The therapist connects with the client at the beginning of each session and develops the session based on what is happening for the client, cognitively, physically and emotionally at that moment. A process orientation facilitates the unfolding of these dimensions by freeing the flow of the radix which in turn develops aliveness, insight, self awareness, discovery, resolution and acceptance.

Radix benefits a broad spectrum of people. From those who have depression or anxiety and are not coping well day to day, right through to those who simply want to discover more about themselves or enhance the quality of their lives and their relationships.