Janet Schwartz


Janet is a psychologist who trained in Radix in 1990. She worked for many years as a psychologist in Community Health and is currently building up her private practice. Janet uses Radix Body Centered Psychotherapy, psycho spiritual and holistic approaches in her work and works to integrate these in her practice. She has a broad understanding of many issues such as depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, phobias and the effects of violence and abuse on women. Along with Radix she teaches meditation, relaxation and other life skills which she believes strongly help put people back in charge of their lives and facilitate their wellbeing and health. She is currently developing workshops and groups in the area of the integrating body and spirit. Janet lives in the Adelaide Hills, is an avid environmentalist gardener, cat lover and home renovator.


(Certified 1993)

19 Tuck Street Mount Torrens SA 5244

P: (08) 8389 4280E: skydancer8@bigpond.com