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Radix Residential Weekend Workshop with Jacquie Cliff

Radix is a powerful body centred psychotherapy which promotes awareness for change,
growth, healing and connection. The word Radix means root or source and here refers to
the energy flow that underlies our thinking, feeling and willing or body, mind and spirit.
Radix practitioners work with this energetic flow, assisting participants to become aware of
how they facilitate or inhibit their own energetic pulsation, and how this impacts on living a
fully alive, integrated and joyful life.

Radix workshops provide people with space and time out to connect and experience
themselves at a much deeper level than normally attainable in their day to day lives.
Radix workshops are challenging, engaging, fun and enlivening.

Throughout the weekend participants will have the opportunity to work individually, in pairs
and in the larger group setting. There is also free time to relax. The focus of the weekend
unfolds as participants connect to their life force, unique interests, desires and goals.
The workshop is limited to eight people and is held in a supportive and nurturing country
environment. Jacquie creates a safe, caring space with a commitment to confidentiality
from all participants. Fully catered for with delicious organic vegetarian food.

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